The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance = Savings!

Think about how you take care of your car. Sure, most people can handle the little stuff - checking and topping off fluids, keeping tires inflated to the correct pressure and changing the wiper blades. But, to keep your car operating at its best, you need an occasional tune-up from a trained professional.

Your heating and cooling system is no different. To get the best performance and dependability from your system, it's vital to have a professional perform routine checks in the spring and in the fall.

In the spring, Piper Air and Mechanical will check a heat pump or air conditioner for all or some of the following:

Operating pressures
Refrigerant charge
Filter condition
Fan motor
Condensate drain
Crankcase heaters
Lubrication of moving parts
Electrical connections
Amp draws

In the fall, Piper Air and Mechanical will check your furnace in the following areas:

Burner and pilot assemblies
Cracks in the heat exchanger
Check the thermocouple
Set the heat anticipator
Test the electronic ignition
Test the fan
Test the limit switch

Examine the filter and check vent piping

Measure manifold gas pressure
Measure temperature rise
Carbon monoxide test
Burner Adjustments
Check and adjust belt tension
Examine the draft diverter
Lubricate the fan motor

You wouldn’t drive your car without getting a tune up, replacing bald tires or changing the oil without expecting it to break down eventually. It's the same with your HVAC system. Regular, professional maintenance is recommended by all major manufacturers and in some cases, it is necessary to validate their warranty. Don’t take that chance with your system.
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