One reason for high energy bills is an inefficient component (heating and cooling equipment, duct insulation, water heater) of your home or a failure of one of these components to perform as intended. It is not always easy to pin-point the problem, but fixing it can make your home more energy-efficient and comfortable.

Improvements may include:

Adding air duct insulation or sealing air duct leaks. Leaky ducts can decrease the overall energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system by as much as 20%.

Installing an ENERGY STAR qualified programmable thermostat, and using it to save energy while you are away at work.

Adding Water Heater insulation to save on water heating costs.

Seasonal Maintenance is extremely important. Regularly maintained, a system can last close to the 20 year mark compared to 7 years or less for systems that are not maintained.

Ask us to check if your heating and cooling system is operating correctly and providing enough air to each room. Possible problems are, a damper is closed, a duct has become disconnected from a register, the duct is sized incorrectly, the duct is leaking, etc.

Consider replacing your central air conditioning system if it is more than seven years old. Today's systems are as much as 60% more efficient than those systems manufactured as little as ten years ago. In addition, if not properly maintained, wear and tear on a system can reduce the efficiency of the system. The monthly savings on your utility bill alone may permit you to purchase a more efficient system.

Changing air filters every month. Dirty filters will increase operating costs and damage your system. Your filter should be changed each time you pay your utility bill.

Set your hot water temperature at the "normal" setting no higher than 120 degrees F. This can save up to 11% of your water heating costs.

Set the thermostat on the highest comfortable setting. Raising the temperature just 2 degrees can reduce cooling costs by as much as 5 percent.
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